Avoid Pain While Working From Home

With the ongoing shut-down, many people are now working from home.  Moving your office to your home might bring with it some unexpected pain.

If possible, take the time to set up a proper work station.  Answering emails from your couch may seem tempting, but you might be setting yourself up for some unnecessary pain.


Here are some tips for avoiding pain in your home workspace.

Sit at a table or desk while you work.  Try to minimize the time you spend working on your couch or bed.

Sit with your feet on the floor.  Support your arms on a table or armrests.   Try to bend your wrists as little as possible.

Take breaks from sitting.  A good rule is to stand and move around every twenty-five minutes, if possible.

Work with your computer monitor at eye level.

Use the best chair that you have, if possible, with a backrest and armrests.

If you’re experiencing pain and would like to speak with Dr. Sciullo, please give us a call at 412-343-2006.

Photo by Mimi Thian on Unsplash