DOT Exams

We are committed to providing Pennsylvania drivers with thorough and compliant DOT medical examinations.  


Recertification – 1-2 Year Card: $89
1st Time Medical Examination Certificate: $123

Accepting Individual Driver or Corporate Accounts

We accept individual and corporate accounts. 

If you want to set up a corporate account, please get in touch with the office at 412-343-2006.

Once activated, you will have complete access to any driver’s medical examination certificate and receive a notification when a driver is due to recertify. 

What Should I Bring to My DOT Exam?

Glasses or Hearing Aid: If you wear glasses or a hearing aid, please bring them with you, as you can take the hearing and vision portion of the exam using those aids. 

Medication: If you are taking medication regularly, a form from your prescribing physician indicating what you are taking it for and if it interferes with your driving ability. 

Diabetics: If you are on Insulin, your physician must fill out an Insulin driver’s form. If you are not taking Insulin, you should have records of your blood readings or stable readings.  

Vision: If you have Monocular vision (one eye is far-sighted, and the other eye is near-sighted), you must have a vision evaluation form from your optometrist or ophthalmologist.  

  • – If you have a Federal Hearing Waiver or Special Performance Evaluation, please bring those forms.  

Your DOT test will include the following: 

Vision Standard

Hearing Standard

Blood Pressure Standard

Urinalysis (checking for sugar, blood, gravity, and protein – this is not a drug test) 

We handle all the paperwork, including reporting to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and the Pennsylvania Department of Drivers License to keep your license compliant.