Better Back Health

Living with back pain is tough, and it can impact your quality of life. There are some things you can do to protect or improve your back health on your own. Here are some things that can help:

Avoid Common Back Pain Offenders

Watch Your Posture 

To improve your back health, you need to sit or stand straight with your shoulders back and head up. If your back is sore or you get tired, then you probably aren’t maintaining proper posture. Poor posture can lead to worse pain.  

Check your Workspace

The way you sit to work will have a considerable impact on your back health. It’s essential to have an ergonomic workspace. Your chair should be adjusted so that your knees bend at a 90-degree angle and feet are flat on the floor. Your arms should hang comfortably at your side. The arms on a chair should be low enough that your shoulders don’t lift when you use them. Adjust your computer screen to your eye height. Make sure you can keep your head straight while you work. Changing position is important as well. Take breaks where you stand and move around a bit.  

Be Careful When Lifting Heavy Objects

A typical action that results in back pain is incorrect lifting. Lift heavy objects using your knees. Don’t bend over at the waist to pick something substantial up. 

Preventative Actions


Exercising is a great way to maintain your back health as well as your overall health. If you are hoping to improve your back, focus on core strengthening exercises, and make sure you stretch and warm-up before beginning your workout. If you’ve been especially inactive during recent stay home orders, it is vital to pick up your activity level. Consider hiring a personal trainer if you are new to exercise, or it’s been a while since you were on a program. Dr. Sciullo can make recommendations for a reputable trainer. 

Maintain a Healthy Weight

Extra weight puts stress on your body, particularly your joints and your back. Thus, if you want to improve your back health, you must maintain a healthy weight.

This goal can be achieved in a variety of different ways, from getting in regular exercise to eating correctly. If you’re unsure what your ideal weight should be or how to get there, talk to your doctor. Our office also offers some wellness products that can help you to maintain a healthy weight. 

Supportive Mattress

After relying on your back to keep you up and in motion all day, at night, it’s time to give your spine a rest. A quality mattress can help in this area. Medium-firm to firm mattresses usually keep your spine aligned best, as soft beds tend to sag. As you sleep, make sure your spine stays aligned. Placing pillows between the knees for side sleepers or under the knees for sleeping on your back can help. 

Ask Dr. Sciullo

If you have questions in any of these areas, Dr. Sciullo can discuss them with you at your next appointment. Reducing pain will improve the quality of your health and life.  

Photo by Samule Sun on Unsplash

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