Avoid a Fall in the Winter

ross-kohl-177131 (1)While our area is experiencing a nice thaw at the moment, odds are another freeze or two is on the way before winter is over.   Even on a warm day, temperatures could fall overnight leaving patches of black ice in your path the next morning.   No one plans for  a spill on the ice in the winter, but there are ways to plan against it.   This article offers some good advice on minimizing your risk of this type of accident.

  • Wear proper footwear.  Look for slip resistant soles or invest in a pair of traction cleats that can easily be slipped over shoes or boots.
  • Check your steps and sidewalks before leaving your house in the morning.  Another good time to check is before stepping out of your car.
  • Scan the path ahead of you when walking.  If it looks wet, it could be black ice.

These few simple precautions might help you avoid an unfortunate accident.

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